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DSRAZOR for Windows

Does your organization struggle with Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Home Directory, and Exchange configuration of new hires and terminated employees?

Do you need consistent and accurate user account provisioning and removal?

Do your requirements include simplicity where the operator requires no training, no special knowledge or skills? For instance, creating user accounts with the correct name format, and required fields consistently provided such as Department, Group Memberships, Valid Logon Hours, Manager, Home Directory creation + permissions assignment and more?

Like many organizations, your IT team is stretched, overworked and concerned with security and is unwilling to provide non-IT staff with permissions to provision and remove employee accounts. You need a solution that will effectively delegate permissions, eliminating IT workflow authorization slowdowns that is accomplished without compromising security.

When you use DSRAZOR, you will realize all the above and much more.

I am with the HR team

I am with the HR team

I am with the IT team

I am with the IT team

I am the decision maker

I am the decision maker

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