DSRAZOR for eDirectory

Point-and-click reporting, management, and delegation.
eDirectory for Novell OES Servers

Quickly detail file permissions, report and manage users and groups, and easily delegate management tasks.

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File System Rights Report

Derivation of Rights Report

Easily document file and folder permissions Quickly see who has access to what.

Create simple reports detailing the type of access users and groups have to your file servers' volumes, directories, and files. Reports are customizable and can include specific eDirectory attributes for each trustee, including their Title, Office, and Department.

Report on any eDirectory object and their attributes Comprehensively audit and document your vital eDirectory data

Filter on nearly any eDirectory attribute or combination of attributes. DSRAZOR for eDirectory can provide reports of...

  • Accounts that are locked, disabled, or expired
  • Accounts unused for X days
  • Accounts where last logon failed
  • Group Membership
  • Disabled Computer Objects
  • and much more!

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Accounts that are Disabled Report
Manage eDirectory Objects

Effectively manage eDirectory - no scripting required! Fully customizable tools to suit your needs.

Simplify your job by staying on top of eDirectory management tasks. With DSRAZOR for eDirectory, you can quicly perform and even automate the following tasks...

  • Create/Import/Update users and groups
  • Delete/Move unused users and groups
  • Reset passwords in bulk
  • Perform mass object imports from a CSV file
  • Modify trustee permissions for desired directories
  • and much more!

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Allow non-admins to perform eDirectory management functions.
Delegate the small stuff, focus on the big stuff.

With the Zero Privilege Help Desk your help desk operators will no longer require admin-equivalent permissions. The Zero Privilege Help Desk enables your non-admin users to complete their work without compromising your control and security.

The Zero Privilege Help Desk is compatible with all DSRAZOR for eDirectory management applets.

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Manage eDirectory Objects

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