eDirectory Management, Reporting and Security Tools

DSRAZOR for eDirectory

DSRAZOR for eDirectory provides administration tools with unsurpassed management and reporting abilities to effectively Secure, Delegate, Administer and Audit eDirectory, SUSE Linux and the NetWare File Systems. Thousands of administrators worldwide rely on DSRAZOR's unique patented design interface to give them unsurpassed abilities to precisely interact with security settings and content of their eDirectory and NetWare File Systems. DSRAZOR for eDirectory administration tools simplify your eDirectory management and eDirectory reporting with the admin tools you need.

eDirectory Management, Reporting and Security Tools

In brief, DSRAZOR's management, reporting and security tools save you time and money with the following abilities:

  • Cleanup your old accounts
  • Find/delete unused/expired accounts
  • Assess and document eDirectory Security
  • Document effective file system security - who has access, where and how
  • Delegate eDirectory Administration with Zero-Privilege Helpdesk Applets
  • Delegate NetWare File System Administration with Zero-Privilege Helpdesk Applets
  • Easily Customizable Administration Applets

Controlling your eDirectory HelpDesk - Management delegation

Now you can control how your helpdesk users interact with your eDirectory data! Reduce your training costs and your security exposures with your own helpdesk tools!

  • Change User Passwords, Reset Intruder Lockout, Change Max. Concurrent Logins via NLM (based upon Group membership) - Only need to load NLM at ONE server
  • GroupWise Distribution List Management
  • Search for Users to Manage
  • GroupWise Password Management: Change GroupWise and eDirectory Passwords!
  • User Management: Assign Grace Logins, Change Password, Reset Intruder Lockout and View Login Time Restrictions
  • User Search: Find Users by name or partial name anywhere in your eDirectory Tree and then manage their details
  • Print Queue Manager: Manage your Print Queues and Print Jobs
  • Personal Print Queue Manager: Let your users manage their own Print Jobs
  • Remote Control your ZENworks Workstations without NWADMIN
  • Produce your own helpdesk, control what containers are seen, exclude admin users from the list, you can have it your way

eDirectory Management

  • Find Accounts who have been logged in too long
  • Find and fix Accounts with Password Problems
    (Query on any combination of eDirectory Attributes to find and fix problems)
  • Create Users with Template
  • Create Users and require specific attributes before creating
  • Change Home Directory Volume __or__ path
    Leaves either existing Path or Volume intact
    Optionally can create the new path and assign the user the same
    file system rights they had to the old home directory!
  • Smart Delete (Deletes: eDirectory Account, GroupWise Account and Home Directory!)
  • Change multiple eDirectory Attributes for multiple users
  • Edit Multi-valued eDirectory Attributes
  • Import:
    Organizational Role Occupants
    Group Members
    NIMS users
    Users + specific attributes (can be used to update existing users!)
    Users with RANDOM Passwords!
    Users + Create Home Directory and set ownership
    Users + Group Membership
    Users + GroupWise Account in selected Post Office
    Users + Template (Use Template Object to Import Users)
  • Login Script Compare and update
  • Manage Directory (Folder) Space Restrictions
  • Manage User Disk Space Restrictions
  • Manage GroupWise Distribution List Membership
  • Manage GroupWise Password
  • Manage Group Membership
  • Manage Organizational Role Occupants (Membership)
  • Predefine your own eDirectory attribute values for Department, Location, etc.
  • Query Users based upon any combination of attribute values
  • Search and Replace on Login Scripts or other Stream-based attribute such as NAL distribution
  • and more!

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