eDirectory and File System Reporting and Management Case Studies

DSRAZOR for eDirectory | Customer Case Studies

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Benefits from DSRAZOR Every Single Day

Information Systems Division Reports Remarkable Time Savings, More Efficient Processes

Los Angeles Community Development Department

Los Angeles Community Development Department (CDD) Sees Immediate Benefits from DSRAZOR and DSMETER

CDD's Computer Systems Division Reports More Productive Workforce Plus Efficient, Stable Network

Boston University

Boston University Systems Support Enhances Visibility of Network Assets, Reporting Capabilities Using Visual Click

DSRAZOR Also Helps IT Group Manage Transition from eDirectory to Active Directory

Oregon Department of Revenue

Oregon Department of Revenue Improves Reporting Capabilities, Saves Time and Resources Using Visual Click Solution

Readers Digest Association

Reader's Digest Delegates Help Desk Functions Globally, Cuts ID Creation Time by 50%, Strengthens Reporting

DSRAZOR Facilitates Transition from NetWare to Windows

Hansen Beverage Company

Hansens Cuts Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting Time from Two Months to One Day Using Visual Clicks Products

Tools Help Ease Transition from Novell to Windows

The Devereux Foundation

Devereux Foundation Cuts Out Manual Tasks and Drives Up Productivity Using DSRAZOR

Enhances Network Performance and Security

Christian Outreach College Brisbane

Christian Outreach College Brisbane Uses DSMETER and DSRAZOR to Improve Network Control and Account Creation Processes

COCB Attains Greater Control of Network and Drastically Accelerates Student Account Creation Time

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

U.S. Bankruptcy Courts Rely on Visual Click Products to Secure Networks and Manage Employee Work Hours

Dramatically Improved Network Asset and Time Sheet Reporting Processes

Vantus Bank

Vantus Bank Accelerates Help Desk Turnaround and Cuts Compliance Costs Using DSRAZOR and DSMETER

Incident Handling Times Cut by 60-70%;
Reporting Time Reduced from Days to Minutes

Link Manufacturing

Link Manufacturing Supports Windows Migration and Manages Ongoing Network Security Using Visual Click Solutions

Cuts Auditing Time from One Week to Two Hours; Enables Transparent Account Management

Crystal Lake School District 47

Illinois School District Reduces Student Account Creation from Months to Days Using DSRAZOR

Enhances Productivity, Reduces Costs and Redeploys Talent to More Critical Areas


Daktronics Meets Sarbanes-Oxley Reporting Demands, Manages Migration to Windows and Scales Up Its Infrastructure Using DSRAZOR

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries

New South Wales Department of Primary Industries Relies on DSRAZOR and DSMETER to Enhance Account Management and Audit Network Activity

Australian Agency Increases Network Security and Empowers Support Team

City of Chico

City of Chico Dynamically Assigns Network Access Rights, Delegates Tasks and Drives Performance Gains Using DSRAZOR for eDirectory and DSRAZOR for GroupWise

UNM Hospitals

UNM Hospitals Relies on DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare to Empower Help Desk and Enhance IT Performance

Calls Visual Click Support "Extremely Responsive"

Household International

Household International relies on DSRAZOR to reduce support overhead and ease administration tasks

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