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Auditing Active Directory Changes and Receiving Activity Alerts

with CPTRAX for Windows

  • Monitor AD for changes in real time
  • Identify username, workstation, and IP address of users making changes
  • Remain in compliance
  • Receive email alerts as soon as actions of interest occur

Track changes to Active Directory What users/groups/computers were recently created? Who changed a user attribute?

CPTRAX for Windows lets you easily perform real-time Active Directory auditing and monitoring. Audit Active Directory changes as they occur and quickly provide auditors with the AD change details they require to remain in compliance.

Filter reports by action details

Reports will contain the following information about who has made changes within Active Directory. Reports can be customized and filtered based on these attributes.

  • Username (LDAP or SAM account name)
  • Workstation name
  • Workstation IP address
  • Domain Controller processing the request
  • Security identifier (SID)

Profile AD activity by specific types of changes

CPTRAX will audit Active Directory based on any combinations of the below criteria that you choose. This simplifies reporting and keeps your log file sizes under control.

Object class

  • Object created
  • Object deleted
  • Object modified


  • Attribute value added
  • Attribute value removed
  • Attribute value modified

Specific object

  • All object changes
  • Attribute value removed
  • Attribute value modified

Schema changes

  • Object classes created
  • Attribute definitions created

Real-time email alerts

Know immediately when an action of interest occurs. CPTRAX can send you and your staff an email when certain file activities occur, while quietly auditing everything else.

Pattern alerts can be configured to alert you when interesting actions occur repeatedly.

Other features

  • Custom tracking profiles
  • Ready-to-run reports
  • Central management console

  • Automated report scheduling
  • Centralized log files

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