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Auditing, Management, and Reporting Tools

Track, manage, and report on Active Directory and Windows File System.

DSRAZOR for Windows + Zero Privilege Help Desk
Delegation add-on for DSRAZOR for Windows

Zero Privilege Help Desk Console

Allow non-admins to perform Active Directory management functions.

Non-admin users can complete their work without elevated Domain Admin rights.

  • Server-based service

    Completely eliminates the need to provide elevated user privileges. Does not rely on Active Directory delegation.

  • Integrates directly into DSRAZOR for Windows

    Easily elevate your existing applets with a single service.

  • Security Restrictions

    Restrict Zero Privilege use to specific activity directory groups, IP ranges, and hours.

  • Full audit trail

    Detail who, what, when and where for all Zero Privilege requests.

DSRAZOR for GroupWise
Reporting & Management for GroupWise

DSRAZOR for Groupwise Reporting and Management Console

Point-and-click reporting, management, and delegation.

Quickly report and manage users and groups. Easily delegate management tasks.

  • Manage GroupWise

    Manage GroupWise Distribution Lists, reset passwords in bulk, disable/enable GroupWise logins, and more.
  • Report on any GroupWise object

    See reports of accounts with no password, document user mailbox disc space, view last logon information, and more.
  • Delegate management tasks

    Zero Privilege (licensed seperately) enables your non-admin staff to perform management functions without admin-equivalent permissions.

SofTrack for Windows
Enterprise Software Audit and Inventory

SofTrack, offered by our partner company Integrity Software, Inc., is your solution for enterprise software audit and usage control.

SofTrack includes a powerful workstation hardware and software inventory engine that runs in less than 10 seconds per workstation. These reports are the basis for SofTrack's patent-pending smart inventory feature that identifies which applications are installed but never used. When you use SofTrack's smart inventory report, you can quickly identify unused software which can help you eliminate unnecessary software expenditures on unused licenses.

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