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Querying Active Directory Objects and Attributes

with DSRAZOR for Windows - a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.

  • Query Active Directory security attributes
  • Query Active Directory user objects
  • Seamlessly manage Active Directory objects from within your report
DSRAZOR for Windows makes finding and documenting critical Active Directory data a breeze. Quickly find and address security weaknesses directly from your query. DSRAZOR helps you efficiently manage and secure Active Directory without hassle.

Search through Active Directory data and create reports

No scripting required
Intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to perform and automate tedious Active Directory searches
Modify queried objects directly from your report
Quickly disable/delete objects, add missing attributes, remove unwanted permissions, and more
Fully customizable
Each query can be fully customized using pre-built rules and filters. DSRAZOR includes rule filters to retrieve even obscure attribute values such as the user "Send As", "Allowed to Authenticate", "Receive As", "User Change Password" and "User Force Change Password".
DSRAZOR for Windows Active Directory User Management Applets

Run reports to quickly find:

  • Last Logon Time per User, per Domain Controller
  • Users created within the past 7 days
  • Objects with GPO(s) defined
  • Computer Accounts that haven't logged on within the past 30 days
  • Trustees with Administrative permissions
  • Objects with the same profile path
  • Accounts with a null ACL (where everyone has full permission)
  • Invalid SIDs in ACL Trustees (plus the ability to remove them)
  • ACEs (individual entries within ACLs) that deny permissions
  • Effective and inherited permissions
  • Accounts whose last logon failed
  • Accounts locked by intruder detection
  • And much more!

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