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Detail Windows file permissions, report and manage Active Directory users, groups, and computers, and easily delegate management tasks.

Microsoft Cloud Reporting and Management - Azure, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

Functionality will be limited without a valid license. Click here to get a free trial of all features!

Download DSRAZOR for Windows and Microsoft Cloud
Download DSRAZOR for eDirectory


Track File System Activity, Active Directory Changes, Group Policy Changes, Local Logons and Server Authentications. Also Track Workstation USB/File Activity and Workstation Logon/Logoff Activity.

CPTRAX will not function without a valid license. Click here to get a free trial!

Download CPTRAX for Windows
  • Last updated: October 4, 2023 See changes
  • Current Version (64bit): Agent: 3.75q | Driver: 4.62p
  • Current Version (32bit): Agent: 3.75q | Driver: 3.24k
  • Current Version CPTRAM: S1.04n
  • Documentation: Administrator's Guide

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