Enterprise Software Audit and Control Platform

SofTrack is an enterprise software audit and control platform offered by our partner company Integrity Software

When you use SofTrack you quickly gain control of your software acquisition and maintenance expenditures while reducing your risk of copyright infringement and piracy.

With SofTrack, you can:

  • Quickly identify the number of workstations where software is installed and is not used - eliminate unnecessary spending on unused software licenses.
  • Eliminate the risk of copyright litigation by prohibiting unauthorized application installations. Your users will no longer be able to install any software without your prior consent. Additionally, SofTrack's control will prevent creation and/or modification of executable files by viral infections.
  • Deny renaming of .EXE and .COM files.
  • Receive up-to-the minute reports of any application or .EXE/.COM file created and/or modified anywhere in your enterprise.
  • Ensure the stability of your infrastructure by disallowing modifications of application executable files including those by viral methods.
  • Discover every application launched by each workstation and user.
  • Control software licenses by restricting concurrent usage.
  • Detect idle applications and optionally terminate.
  • Require timekeeping / billing codes to be entered prior to application use - used to bill back application use.
  • Restrict applications to single use per workstation.
  • Block use of undesirable applications.
  • Audit every file opened by each workstation and user.
  • Audit every page requested by Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
  • Audit every file created and copied including the requesting process.
  • Deny internet browsing via Microsoft's Internet Explorer while continuing to allow local access.
  • Performs a complete inventory of software and hardware in less than 10 seconds per workstation.

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