HR Enabling User Account Management [HR Team]

DSRAZOR for Windows

DSRAZOR has been successfully meeting the unique requirements of organizations such as yours for more than a decade.

DSRAZOR's unique Zero Privilege technology allows your team to replace the "approval process" required by many IT departments.

Instead of requiring all account changes to first be approved by the IT department, and any possible delays, DSRAZOR allows your IT department to "pre-approve" actions required by the HR team while retaining required security and providing full auditing.

Accurately and consistently create User Accounts in the correct location, automatically add to group memberships, create home directory, set ownership, Create Microsoft 365 and Exchange accounts as well as establish required mandatory attributes including department, job function, manager and much more.

When an employee leaves, DSRAZOR provides consistent user de-provision. Your team, with no special knowledge or abilities can automatically clean up Active Directory, Microsoft 365, including archiving or complete removal of the entire home directory structure.

DSRAZOR's HR ONBOARDING features include:

  • Create new employee accounts on demand without requiring IT Staff involvement
  • Disable / Remove employee accounts on demand without requiring IT Staff involvement
  • A true GUI solution that does not include the complexity of powershell scripts
  • Minimize and eliminate operator error when creating and removing user accounts
  • Define required fields for user creation and specify allowed values
  • Automatically populate selected fields based on any criteria you choose
  • Automatically generate complex passwords based on rules you define regarding length and specific characters
  • Employee self-service abilities allow each to modify their own attributes / properties you select, all from their desktop in a simple to use GUI that requires no additional logon or training
  • Full logging of all actions accomplished
  • Accounts will be created correctly and consistently
  • Manage / Create "by Department" (department = OU in Active Directory)

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