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Automatically Provision Active Directory Users

DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Provision Active Directory Users
  • Quickly cleaup users and update security attributes

Provision Active Directory Users

DSRAZOR for Windows provides a quick and simple time-saving drag-and-drop interface to help you accurately provision Active Directory User and Exchange Accounts.

No scripting required!
With DSRAZOR there is no complex scripting interface to learn.
Integrates with your data sources
DSRAZOR integrates with your data sources whether they be from HR, ERP, CRM tools or your own database.
Audit trail
Each action performed during deprovisioning is automatically logged for easy auditing and reporting.
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Create users from a template

DSRAZOR reduces your administrative burden of provisioning multiple user accounts by updating any set of attributes such as:

  • Home Directory
  • Home Directory permissions
  • Trustees to new user's Home Directory
  • Exchange Account
  • Group Membership
  • Any Active Directory Attribute (such as Telephone, Department, Location, Account Disabled/Enabled, Expiration Date, etc)

DSRAZOR for Windows provides many way to provision users such as:

  • Create users from a template - you can define the template
  • Create users with required attributes
  • Create users plus their Exchange mailbox
  • Import users from a CSV file
  • Import users with their Group Membership defined

Cleanup stale Active Directory objects and improve security

Improve Active Directory performance by removing unused users and computers.
Quickly find all inactive, disabled, unused users and computers and with just a click of a button choose to delete, disable or move to another container.
Update security attributes to any list of users with a click of a button.

Find stale users and computers
Report disabled, locked, expired, "never logged in", and "unused in X days" accounts
Report computer accounts where the Password Last Set was more than X days ago
Move/Delete/Disable reported accounts
Smart User Delete deletes the user, their Exchange account, and Home Directory at the same time!
Move user and Computer objects
Move user's home directory
Change user's profile path
Delete Active Directory Users in bulk
Remove home directory, remove Exchange mailbox, remove SID History from user
Find and resolve security issues
Find user accounts with password problems (passwords that never expire, accounts with no password requirements, expired passwords)
Unlock user accounts
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Find User Accounts with password problems

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