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DSRAZOR for Windows

Active Directory and automation

"DSRAZOR excited me with its ability to automatically complete a number of actions immediately upon creation of a new user. Now we can generate a complex password, create a home share and automatically assign permissions and map it for the user, and automatically create Exchange mailbox.

And when a user leaves the company we can quickly disable the user account, reset their password, set account expiration, delete / archive their home directory, and disable their Exchange mailbox."
"There is no way our IT team would have the time and money to come up with all of the customized apps available in DSRAZOR." Kevin Collier, Dallas ISD

Delegate more responsibilities to users without decreasing security

DSRAZOR can be used to create process workflows. For example, many IT departments have built home-grown scripting solutions to create a user, add them to some groups, create their home folder and create a mailbox. These are the types of processes you can establish with DSRAZOR's graphical interface by creating your own business rules.

DSRAZOR enables user creation by physical location or other location identifiers providing accurate and consistent user accounts in the correct OUs. You can also automatically add user accounts to relevant groups, create home directories, assign home directory ownership and set file permissions and much more.

DSRAZOR GUI Applets can easily be customized to meet management requirements while maintaining secure control of Active Directory Change permissions.

DSRAZOR's Zero Privilege (DSRZP) Delegation does not use or rely upon Active Directory Delegation. Instead, DSRZP uses a separate, purpose-built secure agent that provides numerous security configurations to ensure your staff are properly equipped to perform their jobs without requiring native permissions within Active Directory, Exchange or your File Systems.

DSRAZOR can be an incredible time saver, simple to implement.

Customizable GUIs for Delegation

"If we need to give the DSRAZOR application to someone else, even outside of the IT department, we can do so without changing Active Directory. It keeps Active Directory much cleaner from a security perspective." Oregon Department of Revenue

DSRAZOR is much more than just "rearranging" fields like Windows "Active Directory Administrative Center". For instance, you can define required fields for user creation and customize allowed values as well as requiring a selection be made.

Instead of the typical approach of assigning permissions when you need to delegate authority in Active Directory, DSRAZOR has you focus on the task to accomplish, for instance:

  • creating user + home directories + assign home directory and assigning group memberships
  • resetting locked accounts
  • assigning new passwords including automatic complex password generation

Did you notice creating home directories above? DSRAZOR allows you to delegate permissions to Windows File Systems as well as Active Directory and Exchange, this means user do not have native permissions, only very controlled delegated permissions when using DSRAZOR GUI applets you provide.

Easy to install, evaluate and implement

DSRAZOR provides an easily customizable front end to Active Directory and does not replace it. DSRAZOR can be used as a full-fledged proxy solution via the Zero Privilege Module. There is no requirement to install upon or make any changes to your domain controllers. No changes are made to your Active Directory schema and nothing is stored in Active Directory. Thus you can safely evaluate and test DSRAZOR without having to worry about unwanted changes and complex rollback schemes.

"Automation is critical for me as our scripts now are a real mess. We were able to tidy things up, Thank you!

I can delegate those things to staff with less of knowledge and experience. That was not possible when we had scripts. At the same time I can have all the control as I can see who modified what through DSRAZOR's built-in logging of completed actions."

Security Simplify Permissions Delegation

"Zero Privilege helps us reduce how many people have explicit rights within the forest because that can become unmanageable, especially with job changes.

With DSRAZOR we can build an application with a specific task and use Zero Privilege so the end user doesn't require any rights to do the task." Twila Hillier, Network Analyst

DSRAZOR's Zero Privilege (DSRZP) Delegation does not use Active Directory Delegation. Instead, DSRZP uses a separate, purpose-built secure agent that provides numerous security configurations to ensure your staff are properly equipped to perform their jobs without requiring native permissions within Active Directory, Exchange or your File Systems. Because your staff / employee accounts do not directly possess Active Directory, Windows File System or Exchange change permissions you benefit by hardening your environment from phishing and other attempts to take over user accounts and the resulting chaos.

You may be aware that Active Directory natively supports the delegation of permissions for objects within a domain or OU, and how delegated permissions can become cumbersome to manage and maintain. When you use DSRZP, there will no longer be manage Active Directory delegated permissions and the potential of permissions creep that can occur as an employee's job roles change over time or from the lack of consistent best practices. DSRZP allows you to clean up your Active Directory security structure to the bare essentials. And, when you utilize DSRZP's functionality to accomplish your Active Directory, Windows File Systems and Exchange changes in an orderly, delegated fashion, you will receive full documentation of all completed actions.


"DSRAZOR is a huge time savings for me, I don't have to spend days scripting and manipulating data in Excel to get the information I need."
Twila Hillier, Network Analyst

With DSRAZOR you benefit with the ability to delegate tasks to non-privileged user including staff outside of IT Department and thus enabling your IT administrators to focus on more strategic priorities.

DSRAZOR features include:

  • Predefine allowed attribute values and require a selection - no more misspellings or other user errors
  • Automatic complex random password creation - enabling quick creation of unique complex passwords based on your length and complexity requirements
  • Highly configurable GUIs can be created for each role
  • Eliminate "approval process" for user creation and deletion; HR team will only be able to perform actions required and no more
  • Elimination of the need for programming and scripting
  • Automated shortcuts combine multiple tasks in a simple GUI
  • No coding, reduced time from development to deployment
  • Full auditing of all actions performed
  • Customizable to meet the unique requirements of your organization
  • Providing users with access only as required per their job role

With DSRAZOR you HR staff is pre-approved to create users without having been assigned any specific permissions in Active Directory, Windows File Systems or Exchange to create users, a win-win situation where HR gets their needs met immediately and IT staff does not have to worry about HR and other departments unexpectedly changing your Active Directory (due to having native change permissions) and DSRAZOR GUI applets can ensure user creation is compliant, logged and on-time.

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