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DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Save time and money when managing your Active Directory
  • Delegate user account management to your helpdesk staff

Save time and money when managing your Active Directory

DSRAZOR for Windows is top-of-the-line Active Directory delegation software for IT professionals who are tasked with managing networks in any industry. In addition to reducing your need for native tools like ADUC, DSRAZOR can actually lower training costs. The application's ease of use makes training your helpdesk staff easier and cheaper than ever.


Create your own customer solutions!
DSRAZOR's powerful Designer allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom Active Directory helpdesk tools. The freedom to create your own tools makes delegation to your staff that much easier.
Let us create a solution for you!
Request the solution you require and have it delivered prompty by our support team. This service, called Create My Solution, is included with your maintenance.
Save solutions as separate executables
Each helpdesk solution created with DSRAZOR can be saved as a stand-alone executable file; since there is no 'console' to learn, training is simplified and security concerns reduced.
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DSRAZOR Helpdesk Dashboard

Delegate user account management to your helpdesk staff

DSRAZOR gives you the power to delegate your Active Directory user account management duties.

With the Zero Privilege Help Desk (licensed separately, requires DSRAZOR for Windows) your help desk operators will no longer require Domain Admin rights. The Zero Privilege Help Desk enables your non-admin users to complete their work without compromising your control and security.

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DSRAZOR Helpdesk Dashboard

DSRAZOR provides dozens of helpdesk services you can delegate, including:

  • Set Single Use Password
  • Reset Password for Active Directory and Exchange Accounts
  • Unlock Accounts
  • Enable Accounts
  • Disable Accounts
  • Set filtering rules for subjects of helpdesk functions
  • Edit User Attributes
  • Manage Group Membership
  • and many more delegation solutions.

A sample of user account management applets included in DSRAZOR for Windows:

  • Add Profile Path to user accounts without one
  • Add Exchange Mailbox to Selected Accounts
  • Change Home Directory
  • Change Home Directory Path - optionally create new path and assign user as owner with full permissions to use the directory
  • Change Manager for Users
  • Change Profile Path - any component: server name, share and directory
  • Copy Existing Group
  • Copy Existing User
  • Copy Group Memberships
  • Create Contact from a Template
  • Create Users from a Template plus Required Attributes
  • Create Users with Required Attributes + Exchange Mailbox
  • Delete Exchange Mailbox for Selected Accounts
  • Delete Exchange Mailboxes from CSV File
  • Disable old accounts
  • Discover accounts with password problems and remediate - problems such as password never expires, password not required, user cannot change their own password, and password is expired
  • Edit Single-Valued Attribute for Selected Accounts
  • Find user accounts with no Home Directory and assign one
  • Import Active Directory Password to new or existing accounts
  • Import Computers + Attributes from CSV File (can be automated)
  • Import Exchange Contacts from CSV File
  • Import Groups from CSV File
  • Import Users + Attributes from CSV File (can be automated)
  • Import Users + Exchange Mailbox from CSV File
  • Import Users with Group Membership
  • Import Users with random passwords
  • Manage Terminal Services Profile
  • Mandate selected attributes be populated prior to user creation - ensure accounts are properly created.
  • Move Active Directory Object to a New Container
  • Password Security Settings for User Accounts
  • Remove SID History
  • Smart Delete (Deletes: User Account, Exchange Account and Home Directory!)
  • Unlock User Accounts
  • View Home Directory Sizes
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