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DSRAZOR for Windows

Does your organization struggle with Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Home Directory, and Exchange configuration of new hires and terminated employees?

Reduced budgets is one of many problems IT department can face, have faced or are now facing. As organizations cut budgets for IT, the employees that remain need a way to automate as much as possible. Once you reach a point that you know that automation will save you money and a lot of employee time, you ask yourself what can I automate?

When your employees leave there are certain actions you must do, for example, you have to deactivate an account. If you do not, there is a possibility that ex-employee would log on and harm the system. If you don't follow the procedure, active users that are no longer with the company if could pose problem. And not only for the security. There are the auditors who could find them as still being active and that is never good thing.

On the other hand, if you have users that are active but are no longer present with the company, they still count as a license. Either User CAL, Exchange CAL or Microsoft 365 CAL.

By implementing Visual Click Software's DSRAZOR for Windows, you will realize a rapid return on investment. One of our customers reports:

"Not only was the IT team able to delegate daily account management tasks; they were able to complete an account-creation job in one week that, using their previous system, would have taken an estimated 18 months."

David Fernandez faced a challenge. As Executive Director of Technology for the Amphitheater Public School District of Tucson, Arizona, he needed to find a productive and secure way to delegate student account management tasks. For instance, passwords needed to be created or reset, and accounts needed to be enabled or disabled.

Rather than relying on the district's limited Information Technology team to deal with such tasks, it was clear to Fernandez that these responsibilities could be handled more efficiently at the individual school level. Each school has its own technician. If appropriate measures were taken, these technicians could be handed day-to-day account management tasks without compromising the district's security procedures.

Given these challenges, the IT group began exploring its options. Several software vendors promised solutions to the department's account creation and management challenges. However, it wasn't until the team downloaded and evaluated DSRAZOR for Windows that they realized that this product offered the solution they sought. Not only was DSRAZOR cost-effective; it was intuitive and easy to navigate.

"The ease of use and versatility made things a lot easier," says Gary Serencsa, the district's Network Coordinator. It just takes a couple of minutes to show people what to do. Other products lacked its level of functionality and weren't as easy to use."

The IT team was also impressed with Visual Click's service and support. "They actively checked in with us to ensure we were meeting our objectives and were having success with the product," adds Serencsa. "In fact, they really went above and beyond in terms of support. They were actively helping us with the creation of forms and showing us how to effectively delegate various tasks."

The district has been extremely pleased with the rapid results generated through the use of DSRAZOR for Windows. Within months of investing in the product, the district was already seeing quantifiable improvements in its operating processes.

From an account management perspective, the product enabled the district's IT group to delegate account management without providing direct access to student file servers. Ensuring the security of student accounts while enhancing the productivity of overall IT operations was in line with the IT team's objectives.

Now, the IT group can invest more of its time in activities that promise high-value results. Conserving time and resources has greatly benefited the department. "My goal has been to free up central staff from mundane tasks," explains Fernandez. "Creating and changing passwords was not the best use of their time. I would rather involve them in more high-level services. Now, they have more time for troubleshooting and Help Desk activities. The product offers us a way to free up the time of network techs that are critical to us but still provide the services that are critical to schools."

"I don't know of any other tool that can do that as effectively, says Fernandez. By reducing the time necessary for account creation, DSRAZOR for Windows had enabled our people to focus on other critical tasks, such as maintaining the network infrastructure."

Additionally, DSRAZOR complements Identify Management products such as IBM's (Tivoli) Identity Manager by continuing the provisioning process by creating and assigning home directories, setting file system permissions, adding new accounts to required groups and more.

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