Active Directory Bulk Group Creation from a CSV file

DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Create or modify Active Directory groups from a CSV file
  • Import and manage group memberships
Creating and managing multiple groups in Active Directory is a time-consuming task. DSRAZOR for Windows takes the hassle out of creating multiple groups and managing their memberships by allowing you to import Active Directory groups and their members from a CSV file. With the ability to to automate group membership assignment, create Exchange Distribution Groups, and copy an existing group's membership to another group, DSRAZOR allows you to maximize the efficiency of your IT resources.

Create Active Directory groups from a CSV file

Bulk group creation is a breeze with DSRAZOR. When creating groups from a CSV, DSRAZOR can automatically add users to the group and specify group attributes.

Create Active Directory groups from a CSV file
Create and import multiple groups and specify attributes
Define group membership
Quickly add existing users to new groups
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DSRAZOR Document Group Membership

Manage Active Directory groups and their membership

DSRAZOR lets you quickly perform bulk Active Directory group and group membership changes.

Manage Active Directory groups from the DSRAZOR interface or from a CSV
Add and remove group members and edit the groups' attributes
Copy a group's membership to another group
Add all of a groups' members to another group
Copy existing Groups (including its membership)
Create a copy of a group, including its members, and modify it
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DSRAZOR Group Membership Management

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