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DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Add, delete, and document Exchange mailboxes
  • Document Exchange server details

Add, delete, and document Exchange mailboxes

DSRAZOR for Windows helps manange your Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016 installation. Add, delete, and document Exchange mailboxes. Accurately audit and document server information.

DSRAZOR for Windows can help with:

  • Adding Exchange mailboxes to user accounts
  • Enabling Exchange mailboxes for contact objects
  • Deleting Exchange mailbox from user accounts
  • "Smart Delete" of user account, home directory structure, and Exchange mailbox
  • Quick Search to find user accounts with or without an Exchange mailbox

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DSRAZOR Exchange Reporting Applets

Document Exchange mailbox account sizes

DSRAZOR for Windows will help you keep tabs on your Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016 mailbox and server settings.

Exchange mailbox details provided by DSRAZOR for Windows:

  • Mailbox display name
  • Database
  • Primary SMTP email address
  • Number of emails
  • Total size of emails
  • Number of deleted emails
  • Total size of deleted emails
  • Storage limit status
  • Last logon account name for mailbox
  • Last logon date and time for mailbox
  • Was last logon by account holder?

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DSRAZOR Exchange mailbox report

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