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Active Directory Management

with DSRAZOR for Windows - a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.

  • Create, Manage, and Cleanup Active Directory objects in bulk
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Report on all AD objects and improve security
  • Delegate management tools to helpdesk staff

DSRAZOR for Windows gives you the ability to create, import, manage, and cleanup Active Directory users, groups, and computers in bulk.

Routine tasks are easily automated allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your IT resources. Active Directory reports let you to quickly identify and address security concerns. Helpdesk delegation features will provide your staff with tools to streamline their tasks while keeping their abilities within the scope of what you allow.

Easily create, manage, and cleanup Active Directory users, groups, and computers

DSRAZOR simplies Active Directory user management. Templates can be used for commonly created users. DSRAZOR can automatically create home directories and set group memberships.

  • Create, manage, and modify Active Directory users accounts and their attributes
  • Create Exchange mailboxes, home directories, and set group memberships
  • Provision Microsoft 365 accounts
  • Find and Move/Disable/Delete users based on any criteria
  • Manage group memberships
  • Set and reset passwords
  • and much more!

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DSRAZOR for Windows Active Directory User Management Tools

Bulk import and bulk manage users

DSRAZOR allows you to import Active Directory users with specified attributes from a CSV file. Tasks such as home directory creation and random one-time password assignments can be automatically performed upon import.
Multiple users can be managed either through a CSV file or through the DSRAZOR interface.

  • Import Active Directory users from a CSV file
  • Specify user attributes
  • Modify Active Directory users in bulk
  • Remove multiple Active Directory objects
  • and much more!

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DSRAZOR Bulk User Creation

Automate routine Active Directory management tasks

DSRAZOR can automate nearly any Active Directory management task, including:

  • User provisioning tasks, such as automatically assigning new users to appropriate groups
  • User management tasks, like forcing a password change for all users who haven't done so in X number of days
  • User deprovisioning tasks, such as automatically disabling/moving/deleting user accounts that have not been used in X number of days
  • Schedule Active Directory reports to be emailed to department managers for compliancy review, such as AD group membership and their permissions

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DSRAZOR for Windows Disabled Active DIrectory User management

Active Directory Reporting

DSRAZOR gives you the ability to report on Active Directory objects and filter on any combination of Active Directory attributes.

Dozens of ready-to-run reports are available to run right out of the box with no configuration necessary. Reports can be genereated in the background while you complete other tasks. Learn more

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DSRAZOR for Windows User Reports

Improve Active Directory security

DSRAZOR's combination of reporting and management tools ensure your Active Directory infrastructure is secure.

Quickly find all inactive, disabled, unused users and computers and with just a click of a button choose to delete, disable or move to another container.
Update security attributes to any list of users with a click of a button.

Find stale users and computers
Move/Delete/Disable reported accounts
Delete Active Directory Users in bulk
Find and resolve security issues
Find user accounts with password problems (passwords that never expire, accounts with no password requirements, expired passwords)
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Find User Accounts with password problems

Delegate user account management to your helpdesk staff

DSRAZOR gives you the power to delegate your Active Directory user management duties.

With the Zero Privilege Help Desk (licensed separately, requires DSRAZOR for Windows) your help desk operators will no longer require Domain Admin rights. The Zero Privilege Help Desk enables your non-admin users to complete their work without compromising your control and security. Learn more

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DSRAZOR Helpdesk Dashboard

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