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Tracking Logons on Windows Remote Desktop / Terminal Server / Citrix Sessions

CPTRAX for Windows

  • Track logons to Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, Citrix Sessions
  • Identify logon time, username, workstation, and IP address
  • Receive email alerts when actions of interest occur
  • Detect and automatically stop malicious activity - Learn More

Track logons to Windows Servers, Remote Desktop/Terminal Servers, and Citrix Sessions

CPTRAX enables real-time logon auditing for Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Servers, Terminal Servers, and Citrix Sessions. Audit logons as they occur and quickly provide auditors with the session details they need.

Document the following logon activity:

  • Kerberos
  • NTLM
  • Failed Kerberos/NTLM/NTLMSSP
  • Remote desktop
  • Terminal server
  • Citrix Sessions
CPTRAX Server Authentication Report

Detail information about who is logging on, including:

  • Username (LDAP or SAM account name)
  • Workstation name
  • Workstation IP address
  • Total session time
  • Remote computer name (for Remote Desktop and Terminal server sessions)
  • Remote computer IP address (for Remote Desktop and Terminal server sessions)

CPTRAX Failed Logon Report

Real-time email alerts

Know immediately when an action of interest occurs. CPTRAX can send you and your staff an email when certain server authentication or failed logon activities occur on your server, while quietly auditing everything else.

Quickly Detect and Automatically Stop Threats

Detect threats with Pattern alerts which can be configured to alert you when interesting actions occur repeatedly on your Windows servers such as multiple failed logon activities or ransomware behavior. Optionally call a PowerShell script to immediately stop the action from happening. Learn More

Other features

  • Customizable tracking profiles
  • Central management console
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Centralized log files
  • Encrypted Log Files
  • Send log data to Microsoft SQL Server (Optional)
  • Send event messages to Syslog Server (Optional)

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