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Reset Local Windows Administrator and User Account Passwords

with DSRAZOR for Windows - a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.

  • Reset local account passwords (including Administrator account)
  • Perform bulk password resets
  • Manage local user accounts
Whether on servers or workstations, changing local user account passwords across an organization can be a headache. DSRAZOR for Windows makes local account management easy by giving you the ability to quickly reset local user account passwords (including the Administrator account), and perform other management tasks such as setting group membership across multiple accounts. See how DSRAZOR can cure your local account management headaches today!

Easily reset local user account passwords and manage accounts

  • Reset local administrator passwords
  • Reset the local user passwords
  • Bulk reset passwords
  • Unlock, Enable, Disable, and Delete local users
  • Manage local groups and their membership
  • and more!

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DSRAZOR is a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.
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