Active Directory Tools for Management, Reporting and Delegation

DSRAZOR for Windows

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DSRAZOR for Windows provides users with Active Directory admin tools for management, reporting and delegation. This helpful application enables you to precisely interact with and modify your Windows and Active Directory software environments. With our Active Directory management tools, you will be able to discover security weaknesses, document objects, manage attributes and delegate duties. DSRAZOR simplifies your job by giving you the administrative tools you need to stay on top of Active Directory and Windows file system management and reporting tasks.

  • Create/Import/Manage/Update users, groups and computers
  • Delete/Clean up unused users, groups and computers
  • File/Folder permission security reports
  • NTFS documentation

Active Directory Management Active Directory Reporting

Active Directory User/Group/Computer Management Utilities

The Active Directory user management utilities included with DSRAZOR for Windows can:

  • Change the Home Directory or Manager for a user
  • Change the the profile path for a user
  • Create users or contacts from a Template
  • Create users with Required Attributes being entered before creating the user
  • Delete a user account plus the Home Directory and Exchange Mailbox
  • Import and/or update your Active Directory users, group and computer data
  • Import Active Directory Password to new or existing accounts
  • Import Computers, Groups and Users + Attributes from CSV File (can be automated)
  • Import Users with Group Membership
  • Move Active Directory objects to a new container
  • Reset passwords in bulk
  • Remove the SID history
  • Update the department name (or other field) for everyone in the department at the same time

Delegate any management task to your users with a standalone EXE. Delegate only what you want your help desk to do.

Active Directory and Windows File System Security Reporting Tools

Regulatory compliance auditing requires gathering of security related data from your file systems and directory. DSRAZOR for Windows can quickly, easily and accurately create custom reports your auditors and management require. Example of security reports for Active Directory and the Windows file system include:

  • Active Directory Security - Including all permissions by active directory object or trustee
  • Active Directory Object Ownership
  • Identify Specific User Privileges - Including Administrative, Dial-In, Send-As, and Allowed-To-Authenticate
  • File System Security - Including all permissions by file system object, trustee
  • File System Security - Including all objects with permission inheritance blocked
  • File System Object Ownership
  • Group Membership - Including nest groups
  • Group Policy Objects - Including where they are defined and status
  • Objects with a NULL ACL (everyone has access when the ACL is NULL)
  • Unused User and Computer Accounts

Zero Privilege Help Desk Delegation

Completely eliminate providing change permissions to your help desk operator accounts! When you use the Active Directory Zero Privilege Help Desk your help desk operators will no longer require change privileges to your Active Directory and Windows File Systems. Instead, your help desk operators will only require the ability to search and read Active Directory and File Systems that they will be managing. This is made possible with our unique Zero Privilege Help Desk technology (licensed separately from your base DSRAZOR for Windows license).

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