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Reporting and Managing File Share Permissions

with DSRAZOR for Windows - a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.

  • Easily document file share permissions
  • Add, remove, and modify share permissions
  • Modify share trustee status
  • Discover and clean up old and unused files
Which users can access my file server's shares? What permissions are they assigned?
It's one of the most common questions asked by IT administrators and the management to which they report. With the native Windows tools, it can be quite a chore to figure out a user or group's effective permissions - in other words, what shares, files, and folders can they access across the network? The DSRAZOR for Windows File System Permissions Reporter saves you an enormous amount of time by reporting the effective permissions of users, groups, and even objects within entire OUs across multiple file servers and their shares.

Easily audit and document file share permissions

DSRAZOR provides very simple reports that detail the type of access users and groups have to your file servers' shares, folders, and files. Reports can be ran to list all trustees of your shares, including users, groups, and even objects within multiple organization units ( OUs) against any number of shares across multiple file servers simutaneously.

Report on effective permissions for file shares
Effective share permissions are provided in a simple report
Detailed reports can be ran for share permissions, ACL documentation, explicit and inherited NTFS permissions, blocked inheritance, and orphaned SID trustees
Customizable reports
Specify the servers, shares, and specific folders to report file access. Select which trustees (users, groups, and OUs containing users and groups) to include.
Reports can include Active Directory attributes for each trustee, including their Title, Office, Department, and assigned Manager
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DSRAZOR is a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.
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File Permission Report - Basic

Manage file share permissions and clean up your files

Manage your file system security by finding and removing unwanted NTFS and share permissions. Find old and unused files. Locate specific files by type, such as music and movie files. List files and report their owner.

Find and remove unwanted security permissions
Modify existing permissions directly from a trustee report
Document file ownership
Audit your file share security by reporting the owner of files and folders
Find and remove old, unwanted, and questionable files
Search for files that haven't been used in X days or files that are of a specific file type, such as music or movies, and have the option of removing them
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DSRAZOR is a suite of Active Directory, file permission, and server management tools.
See what else DSRAZOR can do for you!
File Permissions Report - Vertical

Here are some of the things DSRAZOR can do right out of the box!

File Documentation

  • Search for all files with selected extensions (*.MP3, *.WMV, and so on)
  • Find directories and files owned by a specific user
  • Report disk space usage for servers and workstations
  • Find file extensions in-use and the disk space each consumes
  • List files unused for a specified time period
  • Filter by any property of directories and files (i.e. find all read-only files)
  • Find duplicate files

File and Folder Permissions Management

  • Add, Remove, Copy, and Modify explicit trustee permissions
  • Remove file system Access Control Entry (ACE) from ACL

File and Folder Permissions Reporting

  • List where the administrative trustees and owner are defined by a file
  • List whether Trustees and Owner are defined by File or Folder
  • Find where permission inheritance is blocked
  • Find where invalid SIDs are trustees
  • Find where NULL ACLs exist (Find where everyone has full access)
  • List files where no owner is defined (orphaned SID)
  • Find directory and file ownership
  • Document ACL details for all file system objects in a selected share or directory
  • Discover how effective file permissions were obtained

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