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Active Directory Group Membership Management

DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Audit and export Active Directory group membership details
  • Easily manage and modify group membership

Active Directory Group Membership Reports

DSRAZOR for Windows provides tools to audit your vital Active Directory group membership details. Using our ready-to-run reports, you can list your Active Directory Group membership and export it for management purposes.

Document group membership by group
List all of the members of a group
Document group membership by user
List a specific user's group membership
Report groups that are members
Find groups that are members of another group
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DSRAZOR Document Group Membership

Manage Active Directory Group Membership

DSRAZOR lets you quickly and easily manage group membership of any user/group within Active Directory via its drag-and-drop applet.

Easy to use interface
List all groups within a container, and enumerate that group's membership
Add/Remove users in bulk
Select multiple users to add from within the applet
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Group management via drag-and-drop

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