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Create Active Directory Users from a Template with Required Attributes

with DSRAZOR for Windows

  • Quickly create users from a template
  • Designate specific attributes as "required" before a user can be created
  • Attribute fields can be forced to conform to your organizatoin's policies (such as naming scheme)
Active Directory administrators often find themselves provisioning the same type of user accounts. In addition to being able to import users from a CSV, DSRAZOR for Windows gives you the ability to create standard templates for these user account types and delegate their use to your helpdesk staff. Account creation can be forced to conform to your corporate standard with a number of options. See how DSRAZOR can increase your IT staff's productivity today.

Creating users from a template

Quickly create frequently provisioned account types from fully customizable templates.

Force selected attributes to be populated before account creation
Ensure user objects are created with attributes your organization requires
Automatically set standardized usernames
CNs and Display Names can be standardized based on the First Name (givenName) and Last Name (sn) defined by the helpdesk
Automatically assign group membership

Automatically create Exchange mailbox and home director

Automatically set password
A specific or one-time use randomized password can be defined for the created user
Delegate user creation
DSRAZOR's user creation tools can be provided to your helpdesk staff to simplify their tasks. Use the DSRAZOR Zero Privilege Module to allow staff to perform user creation tasks without giving them Admin rights
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Create users from a template

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