GroupWise Management

DSRAZOR for GroupWise

Auditing and administration of GroupWise's configuration as well as some important administrative functionality is supported sparsely or not at all. The following details how DSRAZOR for GroupWise enhances, refines and supplements your ability to audit and administer your GroupWise installation. DSRAZOR for GroupWise has been designed for GroupWise versions 5.5 through 12.0.

Managing GroupWise Accounts

Everyday management of GroupWise accounts often involves use of tools such as ConsoleOne or NWAdmin. These all-encompassing interfaces provide access to abilities beyond those required for routine maintenance. Additionally, these interfaces contain a large amount of functionality that cannot be isolated to only those actions required for routine GroupWise maintenance.

For purposes here, we define routine maintenance of GroupWise as including:

  • Creation of Accounts
  • Deletion of Accounts
  • Changing of Passwords
  • Managing Distribution Lists
  • Changing GroupWise Address Book Visibility
  • Moving GroupWise Accounts to a different Post Office
  • Disabling or Enabling GroupWise Logins

DSRAZOR for GroupWise's interface reduces the reliance upon ConsoleOne and NWAdmin when performing routine GroupWise maintenance. The DSRAZOR for GroupWise patented interface allows for the creation of job-specific applets that perform only those functions you select. This has the dual purpose of increasing your ability to delegate GroupWise management to others while increasing security since only the actions you preauthorize will be allowed.

The following sections further detail how DSRAZOR for GroupWise will help you quickly and securely perform routine GroupWise account maintenance.

Creation of Accounts

With DSRAZOR for GroupWise creating GroupWise accounts can be accomplished by three different approaches:

  • New - direct
    • When directly adding new GroupWise accounts you are creating the account without associating it with any other entity such as an existing eDirectory account.
  • New - import
    • When importing new GroupWise accounts, you are importing the account from some type of script file, perhaps a CSV file.
    • While importing new GroupWise accounts, you can use DSRAZOR for GroupWise's random password generator to assign a unique password to each new account.
  • Add to existing eDirectory account
    • When adding new GroupWise accounts to an existing eDirectory account, you are associating the new GroupWise account with an existing eDirectory account.
    • Adding new GroupWise accounts to existing eDirectory accounts can be done for multiple accounts at once.

Additionally, DSRAZOR for GroupWise can be used to establish or change Address Book Visibility for multiple GroupWise accounts.

Deletion of Accounts

With DSRAZOR for GroupWise deleting GroupWise accounts can be accomplished by two different approaches:

  • By association with an eDirectory account
    • When deleting an eDirectory account you can also delete its associated GroupWise account and the complete Home Directory structure.
  • By membership in a GroupWise Post Office
    • For GroupWise v6.0 and later Post Offices, the last activity or login date is available. The last activity date can be used to reveal old and/or unused accounts.

Changing of Passwords

With DSRAZOR for GroupWise changing GroupWise account passwords can be accomplished by two different approaches:

  • GroupWise Account Only
    • When changing only the GroupWise account password, it will not automatically synchronize with any other accounts.
  • GroupWise and eDirectory Account
    • Change both the GroupWise and eDirectory account password with a single click.

Managing Distribution Lists

With DSRAZOR for GroupWise managing GroupWise Distribution Lists can be accomplished by two different approaches:

  • Account
    • View Distribution List membership and participation type for each GroupWise account.
    • Discover GroupWise accounts that do not belong to any Distribution List. This ability is unique to DSRAZOR for GroupWise. Use this ability to ensure each account belongs to at least one Distribution List. This approach provides the ability to view and document Distribution List membership.
  • Distribution List
    • View membership per Distribution List including the participation type.
    • Add GroupWise accounts to Distribution List membership.
    • Remove GroupWise accounts from Distribution List membership.
    • This approach provides the ability to modify Distribution List membership as well as document membership.

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