DSRAZOR Online Tutorials

NOTE: You must have Windows Media Player 9 or later installed to view these tutorials.

For some people it may be helpful to view the tutorials in the order they are presented as some of the more advanced tutorials build on concepts explained in earlier tutorials.


DSRAZOR installation and components

This tutorial will teach you where to download DSRAZOR from, how to install it, and the basic components included in the product.

[Duration: 3m:10s] [File Size: 5.2MB]

Installing and managing your license tokens

This tutorial will help you understand how to view the contents of your licenses and install them.

[Duration: 3m:24s] [File Size: 5.3MB]

Running DSRAZOR Applets

DSRAZOR's flexible design gives you many options for launching DSRAZOR applets. This tutorial explores the most common options for launching the applets.

[Duration: 2m:40s] [File Size: 4.8MB]


Basic components of an applet

This tutorial is a great place to start for anyone interested in modifying or creating applets in the Designer. It explains the basic anatomy of an applet

[Duration: 8m:53s] [File Size: 14.8MB]

Adding and removing display columns in a ListView

One of the most common modifications people make to applets is to change the display columns in a report. This tutorial teaches you how to quickly do that.

[Duration: 2m:56s] [File Size: 7.1MB]

Linking services (Connect To)

This is an important tutorial for anyone wanting to modify or create applets in the Designer. Almost every service in an applet needs to be linked or connected to another service. Most applet errors and design problems are related to incorrectly linked services. Understanding the examples here will make applet design easier.

[Duration: 2m:29s] [File Size: 6.0MB]

Adding and removing buttons

This tutorial gives examples of creating and connecting button services.

[Duration: 2m:05s] [File Size: 5.4MB]

Edit Fields

This tutorial gives examples of configuring and connecting edit text controls.

[Duration: 4m:59s] [File Size: 11.1MB]

Creating and modifying rules (filters)

This tutorial explains how to use rules and filters in your applets. Understanding how to use rules can make your applets run quicker and return results more focused to your needs.

[Duration: 7m:10s] [File Size: 16.3MB]

Setting Tab Order

Setting the tab order on your applets makes them more user-friendly at runtime.

[Duration: 3m:58s] [File Size: 7.1MB]

Shortcuts for aligning and sizing controls (make your applets look nice)

DSRAZOR has builtin tools to size and align controls. Using them makes your applets more presentable without having to spend a lot of time counting pixels.

[Duration: 5m:10s] [File Size: 9.0MB]


DSRAZOR's flexible design provides many different options for selecting the scope of a search. Learning the different techniques can make your applets run faster and more efficient. You will also want to understand these concepts if you are going to schedule reports to run unattended.

[Duration: 6m:37s] [File Size: 13.2MB]

Tuning AD Search Performance

DSRAZOR's flexible design provides multiple methods for searching Active Directory. Learning the different search methods can allow you to make your applets run faster and more efficient.

[Duration: 2m:27s] [File Size: 6.2MB]

Build a complete applet in 2 minutes

Building on the techniques in the other tutorials I demonstrate how to build a useful, functional applet in just a few minutes. Once you master the Designer you can quickly create applets to make complicated management or reporting tasks take much less time.

[Duration: 3m:29s] [File Size: 9.0MB]

Modifying the Console (add your own applets to the menu)

This tutorial will show you how to customize the default Console to include your own menu headers and applets.

[Duration: 6m:41s] [File Size: 16.1MB]

Using Output To File (OTF)

This tutorial shows you how to enable OTF and describes each of the configuration options available when outputting your results to file.

[Duration: 4m:3s] [File Size: 7.4MB]

Saving an applet as a stand-alone executable

This tutorial shows you how to save an applet as a stand-alone executable so that you can run it from outside of your DSRAZOR install directory. Saving an applet as an executable allows you to distribute it to other people in your organization without providing them access to the entire product. It is also useful for automating and scheduling applets to run unattended.

[Duration: 5m:49s] [File Size: 10.6MB]

Scheduling an applet

This tutorial shows you how to schedule an applet.

[Duration: 3m:29s] [File Size: 6.2MB]

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