Employee Information Self-Update Applet

DSRAZOR for Windows

DSRAZOR for Windows's Employee Self-Update Applet allows your users to easily update their personal information.

The DSRAZOR Employee Self-Update Applet saves you time and money by removing the reliance on your IT Administrators and Help Desk staff to update user information.

Vital contact information can be updated by employees themselves, ensuring the information is correct. The Self-Update Applet automatically recognizes the user's credentials and limits modification privileges to their user account.

DSRAZOR's flexible Designer lets you modify which fields users are allowed to update, making sure corporate policies are not compromised.

Configurable rules for input fields make sure that end users enter their personal information uniformly.

Information is updated in real-time, minimizing the chance that incorrect or missing information is distributed and replicated.

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Self-Update Applet

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