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CPTRAX for Windows Updates 2017

Date Description
2017.12.12 [UPDATE] Update to show 'winerror.h' code when the SYS cannot be contacted.

[FIX] Update to GPO change to correct an error on 'insert sql record'.
2017.12.01 [UPDATE] Update to CPTSQLXF.EXE to correct an issue where CPTSQLXF.EXE might not auto-restart when the connection to SQL database fails.
2017.11.27 [UPDATE] Updated CPTRAXW.EXE tracks changes more efficiently leading to less resources utilized on the server.

Updated CPTSQLXF.EXE allows for more efficient transfer of tracked changes to SQL Server.
2017.11.01 [UPDATE] Update to help process q files quicker and eliminate backlog in buisier environments.
2017.08.22 [UPDATE] Update to aid in AD tracking in showing system Hostname vs users sAMAccountName.
2017.07.24 [NEW] Added to the customized email alerts what permissions were changed and for whom, for File System Profiles. Added to the customized email alerts the value of the attribute being added/deleted (i.e Member of a group).

[UPDATE] Updated the Summary Report to show both top logon failures by user name and PC.
2017.07.19 [NEW] New Feature: Summary Report that shows details for all four modules in one report.

[UPDATE] Refined the format of customized email alerts from CPTRAX.
2017.07.05 [UPDATE] Using Save as EXE from the Designer, now shows the requirement of including chartdir51.dll with the EXE.
2017.06.16 [UPDATE] Removed a debug message.
2017.04.11 [NEW] Support added for Windows Server 2016.

[NEW] Support added for SYSLOG.
2017.02.23 [UPDATE] Improved the speed of processing log files.


Date Description
2016.12.30 [UPDATE] Performance enhancements with memory allocation.
2016.11.7 [UPDATE] Update to include sortable HTML reports. Manually and automated. Updates to the consoles and reporting exe.
2016.10.17 [NEW] Added a new feature that includes customized profile alerts, ability to alert on CPTRAX log file size, filter alerts based on profile by specific user(s).

Updated/adjusted cptrax_console.exe to allow the console to be viewable on a smaller resolution laptop (shortened and widened console).
2016.09.13 [NEW] Added a new feature that allows for certain user attributes to be included in an alert when a user is disabled.

Added the option to filter e-mail alerts by a value in the registry of the CPTRAX Host.
2016.08.16 [NEW] Workstation Collector Update: New features include the addition of reporting of Lock and Unlock, track when someone attempts to logon and enters wrong password, failed password change (local).
2016.07.27 [UPDATE] Updates to resolve an issue where GPO edits and AD changes were not all coming through since an update to Windows.
2016.07.25 [UPDATE] Update to resolve an issue where CPTRAX would cause a BSOD because of a conflict with a BROADCOM Network Driver.
2016.07.22 [UPDATE] Updates to resolve an issue where GPO edits and AD changes were not all coming through since an update to Windows.
2016.06.10 [UPDATE] Updated to allow CPTRAX to properly indicate progress when processing large log files up to 128TB. Also includes a warning when a report will result in a large number of results and may need to be output to file instead of interactive GUI.

[UPDATE] Update to resolve LDAP error that occurred when configuring the new Workstation LL Feature.

[UPDATE] Update to improve memory handling in an attempt to prevent a CPTRAX Console crash.
2016.05.10 [UPDATE] Update to fix "Last Tile Refresh" time on server tile, being behind in console on server tile(s).
2016.04.27 [NEW] New feature that allows the tracking and reporting of local workstation Login/Logout.
2016.04.12 [NEW] Updated so when picking a column to sort on in Out-To-File, you can now pick the sort order for CSV.
2016.04.01 [NEW] Updated so when picking a column to sort on in Out-To-File, you can now pick the sort order.

[FIX] Updated to resolve an issue where folder renames were being displayed as folder creates. This update was also created to resolve an issue where configuring a profile to track delete requests would result in the profile tracking file creates/folder creates.

[FIX] Corrected an issue related to sorting CSV reports during the report process. It was sorting alphabetically even though it was sorting on the date column. Now it properly sorts based on the date/time.
2016.02.26 [UPDATE] Possible antivirus false-positive flag resolved.
2016.02.16 [FIX] Reporting server prompt at runtime no longer prompts twice before running.


Date Description
2015.12.16 [FIX] Add RDS User Session tracking so that user activity when they are connected through RDS/TSE sessions is accurately tracked and reported.
2015.12.09 [FIX] Removed the tracking of "Pass Through Authentications" from CPTRAX. Now CPTRAX will only track actual authentications at each Domain Controller the CPTRAX Server Agent is running on.
2015.12.01 [FIX] Increased the stack space to resolve an issue with custom reports not working if they were linked to more than 8 profiles.
2015.11.22 [FIX] Update to address report times being off for UTC +10.
2015.10.29 [FIX] Fixed the issue related to Daylight Savings Time causing some reports to show 1 hour off.
2015.10.28 [FIX] Corrected a high CPU utilization that occured on one customers 2008 servers.
2015.09.23 [NEW] Auto archiving of Log files.

Added several critical email alerts such as:
CPTRAX AGENT TXY attempting to transmit to : Unable to transmit log files on server NAME
CPTRAXW is not licensed on server NAME
CPTRAXW Token Exceeded Errors
2015.06.08 [NEW] File System Activity Profile: Pattern/Threshold Alerting
Logon / Logoff Activity Profile: Pattern/Threshold Alerting
Failed Logon Activity Profile: Pattern/Threshold Alerting
Active Directory Activity Profile: Pattern/Threshold Alerting
Group Policy Activity Profile: Pattern/Threshold Alerting
You can now be alerted only when a pattern of activity occurs. This pattern can be by User Name(or other object),IP Address or Object affected plus by the number of events or number of events during a specified interval.
2015.03.20 [NEW] Added the option to schedule an email to be sent with charts for the following:
Active Directory Charts
Active Directory Enable|Disable Account
Active Directory Group Member Events
Active Directory Create|Delete Group Object Events
Active Directory Create|Delete User Object Events
Active Directory Create|Delete Computer Object Events
Active Directory Events per DC
Active Directory Events by Attribute
Active Directory Events by Object Class
All Active Directory Events

Server Authentication Charts
Logons per Account
Logon Failures per DC
Bad Passwords by Account
Bad Passwords from IP
Remote IP Address (Terminal Server)
Logon Failure Types
All Server Authentication Events

File Activity Charts
File Events per Remote IP Address (Terminal Server)
File Events per IP Address
File Events per Workstation
File Events per File
File Events per User
File Events per Share
File Events per Server
All File Activity Events
2015.01.27 [NEW] Added new options for Out-To-File. There is now an HTML option. You can now choose which ListView column to sort on. You can now choose to attach the file to email or to embed the report in the email body.