CJIS Security Policy

Maintain CJIS Security Policy compliance on Windows-based mobile data terminals (MDTs)

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy outlines the security precautions that must be taken to protect sensitive information like fingerprints and criminal backgrounds gathered by local, state, and federal criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.

Visual Click's CPTRAX helps maintain compliance with the CJIS Security Policy regulation listed below.

Free Trial Request a Demo Request a Quote Events shall be logged

Successful and unsuccessful system logon attempts. Successful and unsuccessful attempts to change account passwords.

Visual Click's CPTRAX for Windows includes an auditing module that tracks logon, lock, and password activities on your Windows-based MDTs, regardless if they are connected to your network or not.

Because CPTRAX's tracking solution works with Windows natively, your users do not need to change how they interact with their terminals. CPTRAX is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

  • Successful Local Password Changes, including who performed the change
  • Failed Local Password Changes, including who attempted the change
  • Successful Local Logons
  • Failed Local Logons
  • Workstation Lock time
  • Workstation Unlock time
Receive Email Alerts:
Know immediately when an action of interest occurs. CPTRAX can send you and your staff an email when certain Logon activities occur, while quietly auditing everything else.

Don't want too many alerts? Pattern alerts can be configured to alert you when several actions occur repeatedly.
  • Alert on multiple Failed Local Password Changes
  • Alert on multiple Failed Local Logons

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