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What's New in DSRAZOR for Windows and Microsoft Cloud

DSRAZOR for Windows and Microsoft Cloud Updates 2024

Date Description
2024.01.17 [FIX] Fix to include 2019 and above icons when listing Domain Controllers in the domain.

[NEW] New services to schedule query on domain joined workstation/server on their Windows updates and details.


Date Description
2023.09.11 [NEW] New services were added to rename computers in mass, and schedule a reboot of the machines.
2023.06.01 [UPDATE] Update to existing service to filter by object class when searching for permissions.
2023.03.29 [FIX] Updated a character limit error when adding multiple groups for a user while using the user import applet.
2023.02.28 [NEW] Enhanced the "permissions dialog" with a new checkbox to set new permissions to not be inherited.


Date Description
2022.11.15 [NEW] Updated look for the DSRAZOR Console. Now shows Applet Description, Filename and Modified Date which can be filtered by and sorted by. Makes it easy to find the latest updated applets. Double click to run from the list or right click to customize from the list.
2022.09.30 [NEW] Added services to DSRAZOR for Windows to report on Windows DHCP scope(s) in an Active Directory Domain.
2022.06.17 [UPDATE] Corrected an issue with file permission reporting giving an error due to MAC files.
2022.04.28 [FIX]
[File System Permissions Reporter] Corrected a formatting issue with the Vertical report.
2022.04.20 [NEW] Introducing DSRAZOR for Microsoft Cloud! Learn More!
  • Azure Account Provisioning and Deprovisioning!
  • Azure User and Group Reporting!
  • Azure User Management!
  • Azure Group Membership Management!
  • Azure Secure Permissions Delegation!
  • Exchange Online Reporting!
  • SharePoint Online Reporting!
  • Company/Tenant Reporting and Management!
  • Multiple security options available!

2022.04.14 [NEW] Added a service to only list root path of a share.

[UPDATE] Removed a debug popup window for one service.


Date Description
2021.12.17 [NEW]
Added a display service to Auto Close an applet. Just connect the new DISPLAY service to the LIST service you want to auto-close after it completes.

2021.12.08 [NEW]
Added date option for Output To File (OTF) filename in format _YYMMDD. Can be specified anywhere in the filename.

2021.04.27 [NEW]
Added hh:mm:ss to the setting of account expiration.

Keyword added when updating users from a csv to remove group membership.

Convert to shared mailboxes in Exchange and Microsoft 365.

Fixed Dashboard graphs to keep graph settings.

2021.02.02 [NEW]
[File System Permissions Reporter] Added a new field for SMTP message for 'Send As' allowing you to put in a name value along with email address.

[File System Permissions Reporter] Added ability to ignore pop-up errors during DSRWFSP reports where a prompt might appear for interaction but isn't visible due to auto run.


Date Description
2020.12.29 [FIX]
[File System Permissions Reporter] Corrected a formatting issue in a report.
2020.12.24 [NEW]
[File System Permissions Reporter] Added customized email subject and ability to use a .txt file for the body of an automated email for File System Permissions Reporter.

[File System Permissions Reporter] Added ability to excluded AD users from local administrators group of the File System Permissions Reporter server the reports are ran from.

[File System Permissions Reporter] Update to exlude groups that are members of the local administrators group of the server File System Permissions Reporter the reports are ran from.

Added service to disable user + set attribute with the date the action was completed.

Added new service to search folder structure to them compare AD for any users that have a home folder matching by sAMAccountName.

Added service to set account expiration + set text based attribute for the date the action was done + user performing action.
2020.12.07 [FIX]
[File System Permissions Reporter] Fix for an issue reporting incorrect data when a file path is not reachable.
2020.11.07 [FIX]
[Designer] Fix for an issue while running Test Drive.
2020.08.25 [FIX]
Fix for an issue while reading a CSV file for importing.
2020.06.19 [NEW]
New listing service: AD:List Object's Container Name.
2020.02.07 [NEW]
New service to display the last Windows update Date from destination indicator.
2020.01.27 [UPDATE]
The Designer Save As EXE option will now copy the required DLLs to the same folder as the EXE is being saved.

The Designer will now create a Save Log (dsrdes_save_log.csv) in the same folder as DSRDES.EXE. It will contain the Date, User and Filename for each DSR that is saved and each time a DSR is saved as an EXE.
2020.01.13 [NEW]
Added progress indicator "scanning" message to each individual graph on the new DSRAZOR Dashboard. This allows larger organizations to see skeleton graphs and "scanning" instead of a blank DSRAZOR Dashboard while the graphs are still loading.


Date Description
2019.12.30 [NEW]
New modern user interface!

New customizable charts/graphs in the Console.

New Console Display – Folder View starting in specific UNC path.
2019.10.21 [UPDATE]
Updated the 'edit configuration' page on the ZP Console.
2019.09.17 [UPDATE]
Update to allow for assigning READ permissions to Active Directory Objects for the Authenticated Users Security Principal. Also increases the timeout for applying AD:AUTO services to new Active Directory User Accounts during the creation process.
2019.05.16 [NEW]
This update allows the end user to search a container or domain for user objects by 'name' and it automatically prepends and appends a wildcard (*) to the beginning and the end of the search value.
2019.05.13 [UPDATE]
Update to create a new RULE that allows for disabling of all "Drag and Drop" operations. This effectively disables the end user's ability to drag and drop users into groups. It also works for disabling any drag and drop operations related to file system management.

This update ensures that if you select multiple objects to manage in a DSRAZOR list the same objects are still selected when the management task is completed.
2019.04.05 [FIX]
Update to add a leading 0 to values in the expiration date column in order to fix sorting.

Update to fix a bug that would show "Password Changed Successfully" when changing the password failed due to the new password not meeting the complexity requirements.
2019.03.01 [NEW]
New button service that provides enhanced options for modifying multi-valued attributes in Active Directory. Once example of an advanced option is the option to remove all values in bulk. This new button service will allow to search the Active Directory Schema for all existing Active Directory Attributes.
2019.02.22 [UPDATE]
Enhanced button service to allow editing of a mutli-value attribute in Active Directory with advanced.

New services added to update homedirectory attribute by by appendeing sAMAccountName or any other attribute.
2019.01.29 [UPDATE]
Update to list accounts password expiration dates in a TreeView.

[FIX] Resolves a bug that would cause you to always receive 0 results when searching for users by a text-based attribute in a selected container.


Date Description
2018.12.14 [NEW]
New Services to Set Primary Group to Selected user, Confirmation messages for add/remove Group membership (success or fail popup). Service to ensure character defined is used in sAMAaccountName.

New service to allow editing of all string/multi string based Active Directory attributes for selected object in an Attribute Editor interface.

New service to add users to group in bulk via interface similar to ADUC, samAccountNames separate by semi-colons (;).
2018.11.27 [FIX]
Fix in resolving objects SID when using a Single Group setting in the FSPR. This would show the group having incorrect permissions due to not being able to resolve the SID correctly.

Fix to resolve updating of the trustee report setting in DSRAZORW_FS_PERMISSIONS_REPORTER.EXE.
2018.11.12 [FIX]
Fix for users with 2 first names thus maxing out sAMAccount creation.
2018.10.23 [NEW]
New text service that allows customization of Subject line in OTF + Emailed applets.

Update to allow more columns in a listview.

Fix to editing of ZP configuration and revising existing IP range. This fix will not reset other values of the settings after revising.
2018.08.30 [FIX]
Update to fix an issue where DSRAZOR was stripping some ASCII characters from fields during automated export to CSV.
2018.08.10 [UPDATE]
File System Permissions Reporter: Added the ability to choose how many levels deep the reporter should go when generating output.
2018.08.03 [UPDATE]
A customer created an App with over 100 windows in it and hit the limit. We now increased the limit to 155 windows.

Fix to put the DSRWZP settings in the correct registry location vs WOW6432Node.
2018.07.27 [UPDATE]
Update to DSRAZOR to ensure the correct icon shows for Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers.
2018.07.19 [NEW]
File System Permission Reporter UX redesign.
2018.06.20 [NEW]
New File System Display Rule. If a file/folder structure is being deleted and the user recieves Access Denied, it will automatically add the user as having Full Control and attempt the delete again.

New Service to list objects creation date (attribute) by UTC and changed the current service to list by 'local time'

Fix for setting netBootGUID on PC's through Zero Privilege.
2018.05.17 [NEW]
New Smart Delete button to delete all selected user objects and the associated home directory structure.

Fix for service to suppress pop up messages when bulk managing user accounts.
2018.02.09 [NEW]
Added ability for the ZP logs to be included into one log, daily vs having separate log by machine/ip daily.


Date Description
2017.12.12 [NEW]
New button service added to rename a user home directory folder.

Update to service that sets and modifies users NTFS permissions. This corrects the issue where check boxes would not show as checked.
2017.12.04 [NEW]
New button service added to create folder.

Fix for showing negative sizes when running MB sizes on exchange 2007 systems.
2017.11.07 [NEW]
New service to enable Remote Mailbox in exchange for Active Directory accounts.

New service to disable Active Sync from exchange users.
2017.11.02 [NEW]
Added an option to the File System Permissions Reporter to show NTFS permissions only.
2017.10.04 [NEW]
New Column service for listing group membership in a table view. New Column service for updating users from CSV, a Yes/No column for if the user should be disabled.

Added new capability to set the 'managedBy' for Computer Accounts.

Added new capability to set the value of netbootGUID on computer objects.

Added new capability to assign specific Active Directory permissions to selected object. You specify the object you would like to recieve the permissions.

Added new service to force lowercase/uppercase of the sAMAccountName when using the accompanying 'AUTO' service

Added a service to allow us to limit search results to exact logon names.

Fix for ZP excluding the copy of Group Membership

Update to allow automated moving of Home Directories when moving users.

Update to allow detailed file system reports to be ran against multiple paths at the same time.

Update to automate creation of Home Directories during user creation based on which OU they are being created in.
2017.06.19 [UPDATE]
Fixed an error related to creating users during a Domain Migration. Added a new feature to allow the end user to provide a standard password for use with all imported accounts.

[NEW] New services for copying folder/files to new location. Can be eDirectory to Windows or Windows to Windows.
2017.06.16 [UPDATE]
Removed a debug message.

2017.05.26 [NEW]
Added functionality on domain migration services. Ability to filter users imported by sAMAccountName during the import . Added the creation of new OU's when users exported from the process are in certain OU's or even if the OU's might be blank. Added ability to updated existing user objects in the destination domain if they already exist to make sure the exported information matches the new domain location.

Fixed a buffering issue related to the Domain Migration feature.
2017.05.19 [NEW]
Added a button service for adding a user to a group specified through Manual Entry. The buttons primary purpose will be automating adding user(s) to the group.

Added a service to automate adding users/groups to permissions on newly created home directories.

Add a Domain Migration capability to DSRAZOR. Currently you can export all users/groups and all attributes related to those objects from one domain and then import them into another domain. The OU structure from the original domain will be brought over to if it had a user or group as a member.

Added a new feature that allows for tooltips to be displayed above text labels within DSRAZOR.

Added a new Button service that allows for setting a user's "AcceptMessageOnlyFrom" field in Active Directory. This will limit the selected user to accepting e-mails from a specific account.

Added interactive TreeView export for HTML

Fix for DSRAZOR having issues applying changes to attributes in Active Directory. Specifically, the userPrincipalName and Manager attributes.

Fix for DSRAZOR assigning a manager to a user when the manager's distinguishedName contains a / in the users CN portion.

Resolved a problem with a button service for adding a user to a group specified through Manual Entry.

Fixed the way dsrrun was handling/unloading DLL's @ exit causing reports not to fully complete when set to OTF
2017.02.23 [NEW]
Service added to set new primaryGroupID and remove the default 'Domain Users'.
Now allows the adding of a user as manager when the manager object has a "/" in their OU name.
2017.02.16 [UPDATE]
Corrected an issue with the Zero Privilege Agent not reading the log location correctly.
2017.01.13 [UPDATE]
Corrected an issue with the Zero Privilege Agent version checking.


Date Description
2016.12.08 [NEW]
Added a service to display the size of directories in MB.
2016.11.07 [NEW]
HTML Sortable added as an export option to list views.

New feature for a new "Grid" group report. It creates a CSV report with group names across the top and user names down the left hand side. There are Xs to indicate to which groups the users belong.
2016.09.20 [UPDATE]
Update to resolve exporting a treeview to CSV creating a separate CSV file for each "level" expanded.
2016.08.26 [UPDATE]
Performance improvements.
2016.08.16 [NEW SERVICE]
FS:SEARCH File System from selected object for all File System Objects' Trustees (directories only + parent directory)]

Import to APPEND attribute value rather than replace. For multivalues attributes the first value will be appened.

Update to set a groups 'managed by' attribute via csv, allowing the value to be the objects samAccountName and automatically sets it to the DN.
2016.07.08 [FIX]
Corrected a memory leak error that can result in out of memory failures.
2016.06.10 [NEW]
Added a new "Enable User" button that only works if the user was created within the last X days. You set the value of X in manual entry.

Added a new display service that allows for restricting which users can open an applet based on a group's membership.

Add a new display service that allows showing the Last Bad Password Time and Bad Password Count values for a user, from the PDC only.
2016.05.17 [NEW]
The DSRAZOR Collector is a new service that resides on the workstation. Some of the information it can collect includes:
  • CPU Vendor (Ex: GenuineIntel)
  • CPU Identifier (Ex: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42)
  • CPU Speed (Ex: 1500 MHz)
  • CPU Cores (Ex: 2)
  • RAM (Ex: 4 GB)
  • Network Adapter MAC (Ex: AC-16-2D-57-0F-C8)
  • Network Adapter Description (Ex: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller)
  • Computer Bios Date (Ex: 12/13/2011)
  • Computer Bios Version (Ex: F.33)
  • Computer Manufacturer (Ex: Hewlett Packard)
  • Computer Serial Number (Ex: 23093489d9cw92394j)
  • Computer Model (Ex: Presario CQ57 Notebook PC)
  • Local Drive Size (Ex: DRIVE_C_SIZE=134 GB)
  • Local Drive Free Space (Ex: DRIVE_C_FREE=93 GB)
  • Last User to Logon (Ex: TESTDOMAIN\Administrator)
  • Computer Last Reboot (Ex: Apr 3, 2016 20:12)

2016.04.01 [NEW]
Added ability to manage Microsoft 365 accounts. Added ability to remove groups a user had created in the cloud.

Added new definition wizard ability to exclude only users with permissions and email the results.

Improved memory management for scanning the file system of multiple servers/workstations. This improved memory management also significantly improves the speed of the scan as well.
2016.02.16 [NEW KEYWORD]
New keyword "_CLEARATTR_" added to import services to clear values of attriubte(s)

New service added to create accounts contact name as *6*last+*1*First+employee*4*
2016.01.26 [NEW SERVICES]
New single password service that uses a user defined default password.
New expand all button that places the output of a tree view into an HTML style sheet.
New service added to read local time of the lockoutTime attribute.
New service added to Set CSV Delimiter character.
New Service added to Auto Generate a new password + copy the password to a paste buffer. This service also allows the ability to use a set length of the password as well as add complexities to it (Upper, Lower, Numeric, Special Characters).
New service to set the ownership + give full control to a list of folder that match an objects sAMaccountName in Active Directory.
New service to compare two listviews and show the differences.

Updated lockout service to display "Locked" or "Unlocked" vs True/False.

Fixed already implemented services to correctly auto append '*' when searching by surname.
Updated services to fix check boxes not staying checked.


Date Description
2015.10.28 [NEW SERVICE]

AD:Display User's Workstations where logon is permitted
2015.10.15 [NEW]
Added a new feature to be able use applets across multiple domains.
New services that added the ability to mass update existing users based on a specified attribute.
Added the ability to set ownership of selected file system objects to Domain Admins.
Added the ability to enable inheritance on DACL for selected folder path(s).
Added the ability to disable inheritance on DACL for selected folder path(s).
Added the ability to set Account Expiration Date with a predefined number of days (i.e 7 days from today).
Added new service to show the users sAMAccountName and/or DisplayName of a file system share's owner.
New services added to display logon hours in a list view format.
2015.07.10 [NEW] The File System Permission Reporter is a new utility that provides simple to read file system reports.

[NEW] Added the ability to mass update objects from csv by using any attribute such as 'employeeID'.
2015.04.28 [UPDATED]
Updated the Console with a new look and feel.
Updated Treeview controls with new look and feel for expandable and expanded items.
2015.03.20 [NEW SERVICES]
"AD:Add selected AD Object as member of AD Group specified below (by full name, CN=...) Create Group as Type "Security Global", if does not exist"
"AD:Add selected AD Object as member of AD Group specified below (by full name, CN=...)"
"AD:Create selected AD Group, Type "Security Global", name specified below (show full path starting CN=...)"
"AD:Do not show any popup messages (SUPPRESSES ALL INCLUDING PROMPTS) - place on first page of applet and it will apply to entire applet"
"FS:Rename selected Folder Path (one or more components)"
"FS:Display Count of ACEs with unresolved SID for selected File System Object"
2015.03.11 [NEW] Added new option in the Designer to update existing EXE's with new token files. This is usefull if your tokens are subscription and you renewed your subscription or you are adding additional license for additional user objects.
2015.02.04 [NEW] Added new options for Out-To-File. There is now an HTML option. You can now choose which ListView column to sort on. You can now choose to attach the file to email or to embed the report in the email body.
2015.01.21 [FIX] Corrected a problem with group membership listing by users when listing the membership by the 'name' attribute.