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Data Loss Prevention on Windows Workstations

USB/Removable Drive Change Auditing

CPTRAX for Windows - Workstation File System Access Auditing

  • Audit and alert when files are copied to USB or other removable device
  • Audit and alert when files are uploaded via web browser or attached to an email
  • Audit and alert when removable device is connected/disconnected
  • Audit and alert when USB is connected to a workstation

Audit Windows workstation file activity:

  • Audit files copied to removable device (USB, DVD/CD, Hard Drive)
  • Audit when files are created on a removable device
  • Audit when removable device is connected/disconnected
  • Audit when files are deleted from a removable device
  • Audit when files are copied from a server to a workstation
  • Audit local file copies
  • Email alert when removable device is connected to workstation
  • Audit when an application opens an unexpected file type including:
    1. What files are being uploaded from a web browser
    2. What files are being attached to an email
  • Report on removable devices present when agent is started

CPTRAX Workstation File Auditing

Audit access and changes to file shares, folders, and files on Windows servers

CPTRAX enables real-time Windows file system access and change auditing for Windows Servers. Audit file system changes as they occur and quickly provide auditors with the file activity details they need.

Audit these file and folder activities:

  • Opens
  • Creates
  • Renames/Moves
  • Deletes
  • Modifications
  • Permission changes
  • Ownership changes

Detail information about who is accessing and changing files, including:

  • Username (LDAP or SAM account name)
  • Workstation name
  • Workstation IP address
  • File/Folder path
  • Share used for access
  • Security identifier (SID)
  • Remote computer name (for Remote Desktop and Terminal server sessions)
  • Remote computer IP address (for Remote Desktop and Terminal server sessions)

Real-time email alerts

Know immediately when an action of interest occurs. CPTRAX can send you and your staff an email when certain file activities occur, while quietly auditing everything else.

Don't want too many alerts? Pattern alerts can be configured to alert you when interesting actions occur repeatedly.

Other features

  • Customizable tracking profiles
  • Ready-to-run reports
  • Central management console
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Centralized log files

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