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Important Note

If your current version of DSRAZOR was released prior to 2016, you will need to copy your applets and tokens to DSRAZOR's new installation directory.

Pre-2016 Default Installation Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Click Software, Inc\DSRAZORWIN\
2016+ Installation Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Click Software, Inc\DSRAZOR_Windows\

1. CLICK HERE to Download

Be sure to close the DSRAZOR for Windows Console before updating.
You begin the install by double clicking the install package

  • This will download the DSRAZOR for Windows Console package.
  • During installation, accept the license agreement and 'Install'.
  • It can be installed on Windows Server(s) or Workstation(s).

  • NOTE: No changes will be made to Active Directory or schema

    2. Register your tokens

    DSRAZOR will need to be licensed prior to running applets.

  • Tokens are sent by our fulfillment group (
  • Extract your tokens (*.TKN files) to the installation directory of DSRAZOR.

  • Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Click Software, Inc\DSRAZOR_Windows

    3. DSRAZOR for Windows is updated and licensed!

    See the following pages of the User Guide for further configuration:

    About the Console - pg 21
    Using and Managing Applets - pg 20
    Turning DSR Applets into Stand-alone Executables - pg 35