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What's New in DSRAZOR for Windows

DSRAZOR for Windows Updates 2017

Date Description
2017.02.23 [NEW]
Service added to set new primaryGroupID and remove the default 'Domain Users'.
Now allows the adding of a user as manager when the manager object has a "/" in their OU name.
2017.02.16 [UPDATE]
Corrected an issue with the Zero Privilege Agent not reading the log location correctly.
2017.01.13 [UPDATE]
Corrected an issue with the Zero Privilege Agent version checking.


Date Description
2016.12.08 [NEW]
Added a service to display the size of directories in MB.
2016.11.07 [NEW]
HTML Sortable added as an export option to list views.

New feature for a new "Grid" group report. It creates a CSV report with group names across the top and user names down the left hand side. There are Xs to indicate to which groups the users belong.
2016.09.20 [UPDATE]
Update to resolve exporting a treeview to CSV creating a separate CSV file for each "level" expanded.
2016.08.26 [UPDATE]
Performance improvements.
2016.08.16 [NEW SERVICE]
FS:SEARCH File System from selected object for all File System Objects' Trustees (directories only + parent directory)]

Import to APPEND attribute value rather than replace. For multivalues attributes the first value will be appened.

Update to set a groups 'managed by' attribute via csv, allowing the value to be the objects samAccountName and automatically sets it to the DN.
2016.07.08 [FIX]
Corrected a memory leak error that can result in out of memory failures.
2016.06.10 [NEW]
Added a new "Enable User" button that only works if the user was created within the last X days. You set the value of X in manual entry.

Added a new display service that allows for restricting which users can open an applet based on a group's membership.

Add a new display service that allows showing the Last Bad Password Time and Bad Password Count values for a user, from the PDC only.
2016.05.17 [NEW]
The DSRAZOR Collector is a new service that resides on the workstation. Some of the information it can collect includes:
  • CPU Vendor (Ex: GenuineIntel)
  • CPU Identifier (Ex: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42)
  • CPU Speed (Ex: 1500 MHz)
  • CPU Cores (Ex: 2)
  • RAM (Ex: 4 GB)
  • Network Adapter MAC (Ex: AC-16-2D-57-0F-C8)
  • Network Adapter Description (Ex: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller)
  • Computer Bios Date (Ex: 12/13/2011)
  • Computer Bios Version (Ex: F.33)
  • Computer Manufacturer (Ex: Hewlett Packard)
  • Computer Serial Number (Ex: 23093489d9cw92394j)
  • Computer Model (Ex: Presario CQ57 Notebook PC)
  • Local Drive Size (Ex: DRIVE_C_SIZE=134 GB)
  • Local Drive Free Space (Ex: DRIVE_C_FREE=93 GB)
  • Last User to Logon (Ex: TESTDOMAIN\Administrator)
  • Computer Last Reboot (Ex: Apr 3, 2016 20:12)

2016.04.01 [NEW]
Added ability to manage Office365 accounts. Added ability to remove groups a user had created in the cloud.

Added new definition wizard ability to exclude only users with permissions and email the results.

Improved memory management for scanning the file system of multiple servers/workstations. This improved memory management also significantly improves the speed of the scan as well.
2016.02.16 [NEW KEYWORD]
New keyword "_CLEARATTR_" added to import services to clear values of attriubte(s)

New service added to create accounts contact name as *6*last+*1*First+employee*4*
2016.01.26 [NEW SERVICES]
New single password service that uses a user defined default password.
New expand all button that places the output of a tree view into an HTML style sheet.
New service added to read local time of the lockoutTime attribute.
New service added to Set CSV Delimiter character.
New Service added to Auto Generate a new password + copy the password to a paste buffer. This service also allows the ability to use a set length of the password as well as add complexities to it (Upper, Lower, Numeric, Special Characters).
New service to set the ownership + give full control to a list of folder that match an objects sAMaccountName in Active Directory.
New service to compare two listviews and show the differences.

Updated lockout service to display "Locked" or "Unlocked" vs True/False.

Fixed already implemented services to correctly auto append '*' when searching by surname.
Updated services to fix check boxes not staying checked.


Date Description
2015.10.28 [NEW SERVICE]

AD:Display User's Workstations where logon is permitted
2015.10.15 [NEW]
Added a new feature to be able use applets across multiple domains.
New services that added the ability to mass update existing users based on a specified attribute.
Added the ability to set ownership of selected file system objects to Domain Admins.
Added the ability to enable inheritance on DACL for selected folder path(s).
Added the ability to disable inheritance on DACL for selected folder path(s).
Added the ability to set Account Expiration Date with a predefined number of days (i.e 7 days from today).
Added new service to show the users sAMAccountName and/or DisplayName of a file system share's owner.
New services added to display logon hours in a list view format.
2015.07.10 [NEW] The File System Permission Reporter is a new utility that provides simple to read file system reports.

[NEW] Added the ability to mass update objects from csv by using any attribute such as 'employeeID'.
2015.04.28 [UPDATED]
Updated the Console with a new look and feel.
Updated Treeview controls with new look and feel for expandable and expanded items.
2015.03.20 [NEW SERVICES]
"AD:Add selected AD Object as member of AD Group specified below (by full name, CN=...) Create Group as Type "Security Global", if does not exist"
"AD:Add selected AD Object as member of AD Group specified below (by full name, CN=...)"
"AD:Create selected AD Group, Type "Security Global", name specified below (show full path starting CN=...)"
"AD:Do not show any popup messages (SUPPRESSES ALL INCLUDING PROMPTS) - place on first page of applet and it will apply to entire applet"
"FS:Rename selected Folder Path (one or more components)"
"FS:Display Count of ACEs with unresolved SID for selected File System Object"
2015.03.11 [NEW] Added new option in the Designer to update existing EXE's with new token files. This is usefull if your tokens are subscription and you renewed your subscription or you are adding additional license for additional user objects.
2015.02.04 [NEW] Added new options for Out-To-File. There is now an HTML option. You can now choose which ListView column to sort on. You can now choose to attach the file to email or to embed the report in the email body.
2015.01.21 [FIX] Corrected a problem with group membership listing by users when listing the membership by the 'name' attribute.