• DSRAZOR for GroupWise

GroupWise Management and Reporting Tools

DSRAZOR for GroupWise

Visual Click Software's DSRAZOR for GroupWise provides numerous GroupWise specific tools to help you clean up your GroupWise installations. DSRAZOR for GroupWise will help you to manage and report on your GroupWise installations. With DSRAZOR for GroupWise you will be able to find and delete inactive and unused accounts, find all accounts without a password, discover disk space in use by each account, discover number of messages in Inbox, Outbox and Trash, discover mailbox disk space quotas for each account, import accounts from CSV to GroupWise and eDirectory, reset GroupWise and eDirectory passwords with a single click, discover proxy access enabled for each account, manage Distribution List memberships and more.

GroupWise Management Tools

  • Change GroupWise passwords via a simple and customizable interface
  • Change GroupWise and eDirectory passwords with a single click
  • Manage GroupWise Distribution List memberships
  • Smart Delete removes GroupWise, eDirectory accounts and Home Directory with a single click
  • Set GroupWise Address Book Visibility for multiple accounts
  • Document and Delete GW Accounts with No eDirectory Account
  • Find and Delete Inactive GroupWise Accounts
  • Move GroupWise User(s) to a different Post Office
  • Disable or Enable GroupWise Logins
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GroupWise Reporting Tools

  • Search for GroupWise Users by their FID
  • Count GroupWise Users Per Post Office
  • View Distribution List Membership per user
  • Find Users not belonging to any Distribution Lists
  • Find all accounts with NO PASSWORD
  • Report Proxy access for each account including the privileged accounts and the privileges granted
  • Find all users with any specific proxy privilege assigned, for instance, any with <All Users> access that include Write privileges
  • Report the number of messages in each account's INBOX, OUTBOX and TRASH folders
  • Document the amount of disk space in use for each user's GroupWise mailbox
  • Discover last login date for each account and optionally delete inactive accounts
  • Discover all accounts with disk space quotas
  • Find out if any accounts with disk space quotas have exceeded their warning threshold
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