Management, Reporting and Auditing tools for Active Directory, Windows File System, eDirectory and GroupWise.

Visual Click Software is a leading provider of network security access management tools for organizations of all sizes and varieties. We offer a number of tools that will help meet compliance standards through audits of changes and access to your sensitive files and Active Directory data. Additionally, you can save time and money with our management and reporting tools by cleaning up unused accounts, quickly updating or importing data, and clarifying the permissions and access rights to data files. Our tools will free up the Active Directory and Windows Administrators to focus on higher priority tasks.

Would you like to receive a real-time email alert whenever a folder is moved, such as when user's accidentally drag-and-drop?
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Do you know who has permissions to your files, folders and shares? Would you like to know? Do you need to clean up your Windows file permissions and maintain it regularly?
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Audit your Active Directory, Windows File System and Server Authentications

Audit changes to your Active Directory including object class, attributes and schema changes.

Audit access to your Windows File System and changes to your files and folders. Find out who is changing data, when and from where.

Audit Server Authentications including failed logon activity.

Does not use or require the Windows Event Logs.

Auditing Active Directory Changes Auditing Windows File and Folder Changes Auditing Windows File Access Auditing Windows Server Authentications (including failed logons) Auditing Group Policy Object (GPO) Changes

eDirectory Management and Reporting

Manage and report on just about any attribute or object (User, Group, Password, etc.) in eDirectory. Quickly clean up your eDirectory by deleting unused accounts and groups, removing the home directory and GroupWise account. Create users by importing data from a CSV file, set random passwords, create home directory and set ownership, create users with a template and set group membership.

eDirectory and SUSE Linux Management eDirectory and SUSE Linux Comprehensive Reports

Manage and Report on your Active Directory, Windows File System and Exchange data

Manage, report, bulk import or bulk modify just about any attribute (User, Group, Computer, Password, Enable/Disable status, etc.) in Active Directory. Cleanup Active Directory by removing unused, locked or expired accounts including home directory and Exchange mailbox.

Document your Windows NTFS security settings including share permissions and effective permissions. Manage/copy your NTFS permissions.

Active Directory Management Active Directory Reporting Active Directory Zero Privilege Help Desk (eliminate Change Permissions) Document and Manage NTFS Permissions Exchange Management Tools Import/Export Active Directory Data to/from CSV

GroupWise Management and Reporting

Change GroupWise passwords, manage GroupWise distribution list memberships and delete GroupWise accounts. Other tasks include count GroupWise users, find GroupWise users with no password, find users not belonging to a distribution list, document disk space usage, set GroupWise visibility, enable or disable GroupWise logins and import distribution list members.

GroupWise Management GroupWise Reporting