Management and Reporting tools for Active Directory and NTFS

Visual Click Software's DSRAZOR for Windows uniquely solves challenging Active Directory, Windows File System and Exchange issues.

DSRAZOR for Windows is your answer to Active Directory, Windows and Exchange management, no scripting required! When you use DSRAZOR, you will be able to precisely interact with your Active Directory environment, Windows File Systems and Exchange Accounts. Discover security weaknesses, audit accounts, document objects, manage attributes and delegate duties.

  • Document your vital Active Directory and NTFS security data
  • Document and remove unwanted NTFS Security Permissions
  • Automated provision and deprovisioning of AD user accounts
  • Clean up your unused data in Active Directory and NTFS
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Auditing tools for Active Directory and the Windows File System

Visual Click Software's CPTRAX for Windows provides continuous automated auditing of your Windows enterprise. Be immediately aware of critical changes to your infrastructure, from internal and external sources. Uniquely created to scale from local offices to global implementations.

Audit changes and monitor access to your sensitive files and Active Directory data. Get real-time alerts of the changes and access. All activity records include details of the originating TCP/IP address, computer name assigned and the username at the time of the event. Tracks terminal server sessions as well as remote activity.

  • Auditing Active Directory Changes
  • Auditing Windows File Access
  • Auditing Windows File and Folder and Permission Changes
  • Auditing Windows Server Authentications (plus failed logons)
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Audit changes and access to your Windows File System

Report on all file/folder and permission modifications. Customize real-time alerts such as:

  • Any time designated "sensitive" data is deleted, renamed, or moved
  • Any time permissions are modified on designated "sensitive" data
  • Trigger alerts on high levels of activity such as excessive file deletes


Audit changes to your Active Directory and GPO

Find out who is changing data, when and from where. Reports and real-time alerts for changes to Active Directory including:

  • Object Class
  • Attributes
  • Schema changes
  • When certain thresholds are reached such as 100 users are deleted in a 5 minute window


Manage and Report on Active Directory, NTFS and Exchange data

  • Bulk import/modify just about any attribute in AD
  • Remove unused, locked or expired accounts including home directory and Exchange mailbox
  • Report NTFS Permissions by User
  • Report NTFS Permissions by Share
  • Zero Privilege Helpdesk Delegation
  • Find and Correct Security Compliance Issues


eDirectory Management and Reporting

  • Manage and report on just about any attribute or object (User, Group, Password, etc.) in eDirectory
  • clean up your eDirectory by deleting unused accounts and groups, removing the home directory and GroupWise account
  • Create users by importing data from a CSV file, set random passwords, create home directory and set ownership, create users with a template and set group membership